Pre-Kindergarten 4/5 Year Olds

Philosophy and Instructional Practices

Our PreK class is open to younger siblings of school-aged students enrolled at Liberty. Liberty Classical provides a nurturing developmental environment filled with enriching, fun, learning activities, which engage children while they explore the world of God’s creation, numbers, language arts, and imaginative play. Our literature based Pre-K program unifies learning activities utilizing excellent children’s literature.  Although our program stresses early academics, another primary aim is that children have fun while they are learning academic concepts and developing social and physical skills.  Students will participate in a broad range of activities, which will instill a love of learning and prepare them with skills and concepts necessary to begin Kindergarten.

Our tutors are attentive to the manner and pace of each individual child’s learning so it can be maximally supported. At the same time, interaction, understanding, and cooperation with other children and adults are crucial skills for children to develop at this age.

Children are given ample opportunities for both individual and group activities to allow for independent exploration and play, as well as socialization.  Group activities include circle time, listening to stories, calendar time, classifying, memory work, physical education, playing games, music, phonological awareness instruction, show and tell, or counting.

Our learning centers integrate a variety of learning concepts and are well stocked with blocks, puzzles, manipulatives, books, pictures, dress-up clothes, and art supplies.  Children engage in guided exploration and gain hands-on experiences, which cement recently introduced concepts.

Schedule & Routines

Schedules provide children with a sense of structure, consistency, and stability in their daily routine. While we schedule time for each specific learning activity, some areas such as language development and phonological awareness will be incorporated throughout the day. Each week, children will focus on a letter of the alphabet, a color, a shape, and a particular work of children’s literature.  Learning activities will relate to the weekly theme.