Core Values


We partner with parents who are committed to their Biblically ordained role as the primary instructors of their children.  Liberty Classical offers classes two days per week on site that must be supplemented by supervised parental involvement on the days that students are at home.  Setting reasonable homework goals, Liberty Classical works closely with the students and parents in developing a legacy of lifelong learning.  In addition, the parents have the option of creating additional challenge and increasing workload as they deem necessary at their home.


We understand that as homeschoolers, we are more effective when we have a support group of like-minded friends that hold us accountable to be consistent in our endeavor to educate our children.


As we come together to help each other, we each must make commitments that we can keep for the duration of a school year.  We strive to make expectations for incoming families clear from the very beginning.  Though we understand that unexpected circumstances can arise in a year and our families come first, we strive to make commitment to each other a high priority.

The Golden Rule

The overflow of our daily relationships with the Lord should be exemplified by our behavior and how we treat others.  We adhere to Christ’s command in Matthew 7:12, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.” (NIV)

Cohesive Study

As much as it is possible, at Liberty Classical we strive to streamline subject studies across grade levels.  One way we believe we can empower home school parents is by helping them have all their children focused in the same direction so instruction is easier.  This increases opportunities for older siblings to help younger siblings, and for all family members to have at their command a common vocabulary.  For this reason, we have chosen to study the same history time periods in all grade levels, as well similar science topics at varying degrees of difficulty.  In addition, there will be common Bible memory work.

Gossip Free Community

Every member of each family will sign a Family Commitment that includes the agreement that all gossip among Liberty families will be avoided.  If a dispute or concern arises within the community, we commit to go directly to the person in love and humility to work out the issue, and if it is not resolved to go to someone in leadership who will act as a mediator.

Laughter and Fun

Children of all ages long for laughter and fun to be a part of their daily lives.  Though we expect respectable behavior from children and adults alike, we encourage games and songs to make learning interesting as well as to redirect negative behavior in positive ways.  At Liberty Classical, we want to celebrate life and create opportunities in every classroom for fun and laughter that honors God.