Family Commitment

As PARENTS we agree to the following:

  1. We commit to respecting the authority and leadership structure of the school, all of its members, and the borrowed church facility and its leadership.  We will exemplify this respect by speaking kindly to each other, being willing to help at all times, expecting the best from each other, and taking all concerns directly to the board of advisors for clarity and direction.  In addition, we will leave the facility better than we found it, and we will make an effort to be friendly when church staff is present in the building.
  2. We have read Liberty Classical’s Statement of Faith and understand that it will be foundational to the teaching provided.
  3. We commit ourselves to avoiding all forms of gossip regarding members of Liberty Classical (parents and students) on and off campus.  If we have a problem with a member, we will, in love and humility, go directly to that person to work out the issue or go to someone in leadership to act as a mediator.
  4. We understand that yelling at or talking down to a child is not an appropriate way to discipline and will not be tolerated at Liberty Classical.  If a child/student is not responding respectfully to a teacher, he/she will be taken to his/her parent or to one of the board members.
  5. We understand that, as parents, we are the primary teachers of our children.  We will ensure that our children complete any work given by the tutor to the best of their abilities.
  6. We have read and understand the dress code policy and commit to upholding it throughout the entire year.

As a STUDENT I recognize the privilege to participate and enjoy the classes at Liberty Classical.  I commit myself to the following:

  • Appropriately participating in class and working diligently on all work assigned.
  • Respecting tutors and all other adults on campus in words and actions by immediate obedience and a respectful response to all requests.
  • Upholding the Dress Code Policy.
  • Honoring peers along with all other students/nursery children in words and actions.
  • Avoiding gossip of all kinds in regards to fellow students, tutors, and parents.
  • Showing kindness and courtesy in speech and actions.
  • Respecting the facilities and completing assigned clean-up tasks daily.
  • Leaving the classroom in good order and taking care of the equipment.